Easiest way to order your saddle

Splitting Payment....How It Works

Sheridan Payment Plan

Put 50% down to start your saddle(s)

No Hidden Fees or interest......

Your saddle will be done in 10-12 weeks

Pay saddle easily over time

Pay 2nd half payment when saddle(s) are ready

Save and remember....Free Shipping

Apply Payment Plan at Cart Screen

To get your started,  just click the button that says PAY HALF NOW, on cart screen and checkout as normal. This will split your payment and we will contact you for the 2nd Payment when we have your saddle ready to send to you.

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Order Now Pay Later

Try our Sheridan Saddle Customizer where you can pick through all of our options for your custom saddle......and split the payment

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“A great horse will change your life. The truly special ones define it”

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