Custom Heavy Duty 3-Piece Breast Collar

Custom Heavy Duty 3-Piece Breast Collar

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Custom Heavy Duty 3-Piece Breast Collar


Sheridan provides high quality leather breast collars to finish off your saddle setup. This specific 3-Piece Heavy Duty Breast Collar is meant to give your horse the maximum support while pulling livestock, ranching, competition in the arena, incline and decline trail rides and other athletic activities on your horse. The heavy duty breast collar is designed out of 3 piece of contoured leather secured with a Dee ring in the middle of your horses chest. This allows the leather breast collar to goes in front of your horses chest and secure in-between your horses front legs to give your horse a comfortable and secure brace along his chest to help him while he is performing. This breast collar has 3 connections to your saddle to ensure a good secure fit to any horse. We manufacture breast collars to match our Sheridan Saddles, which will make you and your horse ready to ride while matching your saddle tooling and setup as well. Each Sheridan breast collar is handmade and hand tooled to match your saddle with the same quality craftsmanship you have been used to. We can match the tooling of your Sheridan Saddle, add custom lettering, add trophy lettering to any of our breast collars.

What do Breast Collars Do?

Breast Collars are an important part of your saddle setup. Sheridan breast collars are another point of contact your saddle has with your horse to ensure the saddle stays in place while riding, working or competing. This important piece of your saddle set up helps your horse have a brace on his chest when pulling livestock or performing athletically that will keep you saddle in place and not slide back or side to side on your horses back. Breast Collars also help your saddle stay in place while riding up and down inclines on the trail or ranching. While competing in the arena or however steep the trail gets, Sheridan Breast Collars will help your horse perform and get the job done.

Do I need a Breast Collar?

Breast Collars are an important part of your saddle setup that will prevent a saddle from sliding back or moving side to side. If you are competing in the arena, pulling livestock, ranching, or trail riding up and down inclines we STRONGLY recommend a breast collar to keep your saddle in place.

Pros of the Heavy Duty 3-Piece Style Breast Collar.

The Sheridan Heavy Duty 3-Piece breast collar has pros that make it a good pick for you.

1) This breast collar secures in between your horses front legs to keep your saddle from sliding back and rolling side to side on your horses back

2) This breast collar is heavy duty and has a long lifespan with use

3) This breast collar is easy to attach when saddling, unsaddling and secure to any horse easily when riding one horse or multiple horses.

4) This style breast collar is a top choice of many people who ride horses

5) This breast collar is a good choice for trophy awards or personalization as lettering can be easily added, read while riding, and we can easily add any wording, brands, logos, ranch names, horse names to this type of breast collar. These look really good in win pictures with the wording large and easily read.

Good Uses for Heavy Duty Tripper Style Breast Collar

1) Arena Competition (team roping, steer wrestling, tie down, breakaway etc)

2) Pulling Application

3) Ranching

4) Trophy Awards

5) Incline and Decline Trail Riding

6) Sponsor wording for win pictures in competition

How To Order

Online Order

1) Fill out the Customization Form (above) for your breast collar. 

2) Once you complete the customizations for your breast collar please finalize the checkout process by clicking the shopping bag in top right hand corner.

3) Fill out your address and payment details.

Email Order

1) Start Email to 

2) Please include in email

  1. Style of breast collar you like
  2. All lettering or brand or logo you would like on it if any.....
  3. Phone number, shipping address and your email for contact. 

Phone Order

1) Call us at 915-491-8660 to start an order over the phone. 

2) Upon calling in we will ask you for.....

  1. Style of breast collar you like
  2. All lettering or brand or logo you would like on it if you want any....
  3. Phone number, shipping address and your email for contact. 

1) Some breast collars we have in stock for quick shipping but if we have to make it. Breast Collars will need a little time to be made.

2) Breast Collars ship directly to your address provided and take 4-6 days for shipping, once we are ready to ship.

3) Faster shipping is available



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