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3.5" Tall..Standard Barrel Horn

Sheridan Standard Barrel Horns are a good option if you are wanting a horn to grab when needed but not too tall. You can grab the horn when needed as it is sturdy and ready to help keep your balance. The standard barrel horn is a good height when you need a horn to grab as well as not hit you in the belly. 

4" Tall..Tall Barrel Horn

When your horse gets going fast and you need a full size barrel horn you can grab and get all of your fingers under the horn quickly, this is the horn you need.

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2.5"..Forward Barrel Horn

Sheridan's Forward Barrel horn is a shorter horn with a longer front to get your hand around the front of the horn. This lower horn helps not hit you in the belly or other parts of your body but still sturdy enough to hold you balanced in the saddle

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